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Brain-Body-Balance-Self-Help-TechniquesElizabeth Harrison, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist

There Had to be a Better Way

I have no memory of ‘wishing upon a star’, my thoughts could not stretch that far. My childhood wish was more basic, I wished for peace at home. Instead of peace, I sponged up the family turmoil and felt responsible to glue our home back together. Try as I might, our family shattered. Dad left home physically. Mom left emotionally. In spite of it all, they taught me I was not alone, that God would not be leaving me. I had nothing else to fall back on but that tiny seed of faith… faith that my longing for peace would be heard. Even as a small child, I often thought, “There has to be a better way.” With fixed determination, it became my mission.

Fast forward a few decades. With two toddlers and a brand new baby in tow, what I feared the most, my life became. History repeated, in spite of my carefully orchestrated efforts to make my own home a Brady Bunch dream, my sponge and glue approach failed. My home shattered. Shocked, bitter, and desperate inside with no options. Trying hard to be, do, and have a perfect family was all I knew to do. That’s when the whine started,“God, you promised peace in the storms, but you left me too.”

That bottom propelled a determination to “find peace and home” amidst the rubble. “There had to be a better way” played over and over in my thoughts, spurring my determination. I thrust my energy and efforts into graduate school, psychotherapy training, the latest seminars. I read every self help book and rigidly followed religious rules. I became an expert on information, the ‘why’ of misery. Yet I was still shattered inside. I left no stone unturned in my search for answers.

Traditional talk therapy work fed the kids, but I often felt an impostor. I had the degree, and keep abreast of the latest continuing education. Being a skilled traditional therapist was not enough. I was impatient with modest change for my own life as well as my client’s lives. I longed for change to be fast, easy and lasting, I knew a lot about what was wrong but little about how find the roots. It seemed that to cut the weeds off at the ground level made them sometimes sprout back stronger later. This frustration once again motivated me. The thoughts still played, “There has to be a better way”

Those low points became a springboard to heights I never dreamed. It took longer than I thought because it was closer than I believed. To the far ends of the earth I dragged my dissenting at first, behaviorally steeped, psychologist husband, Noble (He is his name, Noble) to find answers beyond our traditional training. Touch for Health Techniques balanced his chronic kidney symptoms that never responded to medical treatment. NLP and ESR alleviated my post trauma childhood memories that never responded to therapy or self help information. My fears and anxiety subsided, my racing brain chatter no longer replayed unsolicited and uninvited.

I remember the day my last major generational root was freed. Racing scatterd thoughts stopped instantly. I had to pinch myself to see if I was still on the planet. With a collection of simple self help techniques available, I was unstoppable. When I unrooted the last major memory, I felt empty, void, quiet and still. Family problems were transformed into internal gifts of strength. I thought to myself, “I think I carried this balancing thing too far. I’m supposed to feel upset during difficulty. It feels like I don’t care if I don’t feel my family’s troubles as my own pain.” Then I heard a hunch, an impression, a quiet voice say, “I thought you asked for peace in the midst of life’s storms.” God’s whisper inside was loud and clear. God never left . . . I was the one that needed to return home…inside.

I never left again, except a few times when I briefly forgot and tried to sponge or glue things together again. Those old feelings were uprooted. Now gentle reminders of those memories are a signal that I slipped away from the Present connection Above Within, that I have something to balance, an opportunity to stretch to bless and learn from the world around me. I found a better way to delete the pain and install peace with BrainBodyBalance: Self Help Techniques.

BrainBodyBalance deletes the pain and installs pervasive peace so they can easily live Present, to learn the Past Purpose and dream the Future Prosperity. Stress and mistakes become their welcome teachers, an opportunity to grow. Change from the INSIDE OUT.

Recent brain scans and research scientifically verifies that the brain is plastic, changeable. Given the techniques, the brain can change in seconds destructive thoughts and feeling habits you might keep for a lifetime. Now that’s what I call a better way!

Elizabeth Harrison, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Co-creator of BrainBodyBalance, SelfHelpTechniques

" Her passion is to write and teach the techniques to individuals, couples, families, Grow Goups and in seminars in the USA and Europe. She shares a private practice with her husband, Noble Harrison, Phd Psychologist, at Accord Psychological, Inc in Naples, Florida​ "

About Noble Harrison, PhD  Click here»

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