Noble Harrison, PhD

Brain-Body-Balance-Self-Help-TechniquesNoble Harrison, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

Down those tracks

Gazing down the railroad track as a small boy in Pickneyville, Illinois, I knew there had to be a bigger, better world at the end of those tracks… more to life than repeating history. Most folks stayed there forever, saying and doing things the way it was always said and done, without a question. I knew then I was a bit odd, funny and different. I left home in my mind that day, long before I physically left my roots.

The real leaving was not the thrill I had imagined. My sole box of possessions and I were deposited on a bare street corner of the university. I was bewildered, yet eager to know more. My early curiosity motivated me to major in finding life answers. As a traditional psychologist, steeped in behavioral and traditional concepts, I understood and taught others the “why” of their problems. My experience varied from the mentally retarded to the mentally ill, from children to the aged. I widened my horizons becoming an expert in police psychology, neuropsychology and much more. In all of these arenas, there was a common theme, people unconsciously repeat history. It’s in the genes, deep in the unconscious cellular memory. Change takes more than understanding ‘why’. The more I knew, the more I knew there had to be more.

Limited and frustrated, I left again. I left my roots and identity as a traditional psychologist. Prompted, well . . .coerced by my impetuous wife and colleague, Elizabeth . . . we begain a relentless pursuit and combed the earth for simple truths to heal our ourselves and to teach others. Our curiosity led us to explore how the brain is imprinted, how it communicates and affects the nervous system. Understanding the way the brain codes memories combined with the acupuncture meridian system, we found techniques to train the brain to delete the negative unconscious imprints within seconds. The brain and body re-establish communication and release the rooted habitual destructive emotions, behaviors and physical symptoms. Old sabotage patterns literally unravel. These simple processes we dubbed “Brain Body Balance” can be performed by even a small child, yet yield astonishing results – more than I ever dreamed.

I never went back to be a traditional psychologist. I recovered. My own life was set free. My purpose is to pass it forward by teaching others. There really is more down those railroad tracks. When you seek, the answers come.

Noble Harrison, PhD

Licensed Psychologist; Co-creator of BrainBodyBalance, SelfHelpTechniques

" Shares a private practice with his wife, Elizabeth at Accord Psychological, Inc., Naples, Florida where he teches BrainBodyBalance: Self Help Techniques. His practice also includes neurological testing with Vocational Rehabilitation clients, forensic psychology consultant with DEA and Homeland Security. "

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