Affirmations Don’t Work!

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Ever promised yourself, “I’m going to do better, I’m going to do better, I’m not going to eat so much junk food, I’m going to eat healthier” yet you find yourself eating cookies and your second bowl of ice-cream? Most try affirmations in hopes repetition, earnestness, positive words and thoughts will reward your efforts by transforming a negative habit. You often end up doing more of what you don’t want and less of what you do want. Affirmations done in this way just may be a part of the problem, not a part of the solution.

Each repetition carves deeper brain ruts, sabotaging your positive intention to change when your conscious and unconscious awareness level did not hear, understand, or agree to change. The repetitions result in increased guilt, hopelessness, powerlessness and self doubt. Your talk does not agree with your walk.

It is said that it takes about 1,000 repetitions of affirmations before the unconscious brain level begins to change. Repetitive affirmations, reading to find solutions and talking over your problems uses only 1-3% of the problem solving ability of your conscious brain. You can’t talk your way out of it because 97-99% on the unconscious brain level is not listening. The brain and body just aren’t talking and are not congruent. Affirmations make change hard, slow, and can even things worse.


Generational coding, detrimental early experiences, and environmental learning drive your unconscious rooted reactions. Hard wired habits resist affirmations.


It used to be thought that information is planted in long term memory through repetition. Today, we know that information transfers to long term memory through the association between new data and the already stored information. If past unconscious memory files are negative, your positive efforts to affirm a change can backfire.

Learning new habits requires unlearning existing ones. For several reasons, it is easier to learn something new than to unlearn something old. First, many factors influence how information is stored in the memory. The hippocampus part of the brain records a lifetime of experiences and thoughts. One thought connects to another. Information is retrieved by searching through the network of interconnections to the place where it is stored.

The more frequently a path of retrieval is followed, the stronger the path becomes. It took years to create the negative part in the first place, so how many repetitions would it take to create a new one? You could just try harder, but research contends it can take a 1000 repetitions before a habit begins to change on the unconscious level. Most people are not motivated to commit to such a long term process of repetition, no matter how much they desire the outcome.

In addition, the unconscious does not hear or process negative words. Traditionally, affirmations state what you don’t want, plus what you do want. For example, you may say, “I’m not going to eat ice cream every day, because I don’t want to get fat so I’ll choose more fruits and vegetables.” Your unconscious hears, “I’m going to eat ice cream, I’m going to get fat”. Your unconscious cancels the ‘not’, negative.

Thoughts with the greatest sensory charge win. You feel guilty for the thought of ice cream. The messages are usually enhanced mentally with pictures of ice cream and being fat instead of eating healthy vegetables and a healthy body. You might even further enhance the negative by tasting and smelling the ice cream.


Most spend far more time thinking what they don’t want than what they desire. Each time you think about a problem in a particular habitual way, the mental circuits or pathways get activated and strengthen with each recall. Through time, mental ruts form that makes it difficult to reorganize information, or see it from a different perspective, much less choose a different behavior.

Reversal Conflict Tapping Technique uses a combination of energy modalities including Touch for health, Eye Movement Desensitization, and the Acupuncture Meridian System.


1) Confuse and weaken old negative habits and neural pathways. . . painlessly.

2) Strengthen and install new, positive connections between the nerve cells, increasing the odds are that you will call up the new thought and memory.

Real change without the struggle can be realized when the unconscious and conscious brain and body are congruent, given the techniques.


The key to choice and change is to make peace with your conflicting parts that sabotage your intentions and affirmations. The first step to change is always self acceptance ….just the way you are presently, even before things change, even if things never change. That’s unconditional acceptance and self love.

First: Pinpoint the underlying negative emotion of your negative thoughts: fear, stressed, anxious, depressed, failure, angry, overwhelmed, guilty, sad, jealous, stuck, frustrated, hopeless, and powerless.

Second: Combine Reversal Tapping, Eye Movements and Affirmation Statement while focusing on the negative emotion.

Reversal Tapping:

Since your brain has 100 billion neurons, each being a “learning center” capable of storing new information, activate this potential by tapping.

Tap lightly in a semi-circle on the area one inch above and around the ear to stimulate both brain hemispheres while focusing on the specific negative thought and emotion.

EYE MOVEMENTS: Circular eye movements integrate both brain hemispheres to assist in deleting the mental ruts and replacing them with new information.

With your head facing forward, move your eyes in a large circle. Start by looking down on the floor, move them to the right and up the wall to the ceiling and down the opposite wall to complete the circle. Repeat the circles for several 3-5 times in one direction, then change directions for 3-5 eye circles.


“In spite of this inner conflict, _______ ( fear, anxiety, depression, apathy, anger, failure, conflict, etc.) “ I deeply and profoundly love, accept, and respect myself.”

This combination, Reversal Conflict Tapping, disturbs the old habit and begins to install the new one.


Exercise your mind to strengthen your desired outcome by using the visual field of your brain. Take advantage of your brain’s inability to know the difference between the past, the present, and the future.

Imagine a mind movie screen in front of you. Place a picture representation of the affirmation you desire on the mind movie screen. See it clearly, with color, up close, life size, the way you dream it to be with no limits. Play that movie often as if it already is your Present.

Go ahead . . . help yourself: Trick, confuse and use your brain for a change!

For additional BrainBodyBalance: Self Help Techniques that confuse and diffuse old habits and install a new ones, be sure to check out Pop What Stops You. This technique is magic. In seconds, it permanently recodes negative pictures, releasing and unraveling the exaggerated associated thoughts and feelings. Pop What Stops You makes root cause changes so all change techniques work faster, easier and are more lasting.

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