Brain Body Balance

 Brain Body BalanceBrain Body Balance   5 Step, 5 Technique System

The Frustrated Impostors

 Brain Body BalanceNoble Harrison, Psychologist and Elizabeth Harrison, Clinical Social Worker share a marriage and a successful private practice for years. Their combined areas of expertise included mental disorders, eating disorders, developmental disorders, sexual abuse, marriage and family as well as personal development and more.

Even with the best of skills and education, they felt to be imposters. They were helping others do what they had not quiet done themselves. Even though they had the latest training, they were frustrated with the limited results of traditional psychology. Your limited 1-3% of your conscious awareness when you make affirmations, talk over problems, and read to find answers.

They quit to search for fast, easy, lasting change. Cutting edge energy techniques were discovered, tested, combined and simplified including Touch for Health, NLP (Nuero-Linquistic Programming), Eye Movement, Color, Sound, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Accupunture Meridian System, Chakra System, Behavioral Barometer, One Brain, Adaptogens, and more.

Their clients became test subjects. The results with thousands clients in therapy sessions, groups, and workshops in America and Europe have consistently defied medical limits and exceeded their dreams.

The Impostors

Noble had an kidney dis-ease that doctors could not diagnose or treat. After a few session Touch for Health classes, his kidney symptoms disappeared and never returned. Touch for Health techniques targeted the root cause post trauma memory at four years old when he watched when his father was crushed to death. The memory blocked the kidney’s limited belief, fear thoughts, and feelings. A herb to balance the kidney completed the healing. They knew they were on to something that worked. Noble is dubbed, the ‘Recovering Psychologist.’ Recovered from being steeped in traditional training and practice.

Touch for Health proved to be the foundation of Brain Body Balance™, teaching them the value of kinesiology muscle testing, the acupuncture meridian system, and the healing power of unblocking the energy of unresolved memories, beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Next, they were certified in NLP, Neuro-Linquistic Programming. Elizabeth experienced amazing release of her life long overwhelm and racing thoughts when she released discovered and re-programmed the root cause. At the age of three or fourn, her mother often told her to sit on a stool beside her sick bed and pray. “God hears your prayers, they make me feel better. Pray that I don’t die.” Her fears of losing her mother shocked and locked her body into overwhelm for decades. The pervasive, lasting peace she experienced from freeing that memory propelled her desire to challenge traditional limits. She was unstoppable.

They never went back to traditional practice. After a few short months of this ‘woo woo’ approach to healing, they experienced another unexpected surprise. Both had to return new glasses and contact lenses, thinking the prescription was off. The doctor checked their eyes and their vision tested perfect for the first time in their lives The doctor explained that there were no cases of nearsightedness being corrected after 40 years of age without surgery. A few weeks earlier they had done Body Balance ™ techniques on their limited vision but had no expectations. Fifteen years later neither require glasses to see.


Brain Body Balance™ is a Complete System

Taught Nowhere Else!

A few years ago, the Harrison’s had another frustration turned challenge. The healing effects of Brain Body Balance ™ techniques were so consistent and powerful that they needed to teach more people. This website is their first step to fulfill their calling dream to move beyond comfort zone of bricks and mortar to teach online workshops, home study courses, and train others to teach the reproducible system.

 Brain Body BalanceBrain Body Balance™ 5 Step, 5 Technique System

  • Discovers, targets and deletes the root cause of blocked energy at the subconscious, generational, cellular memory level.
  • Balances the limited beliefs, negative thoughts and fear feelings.
  • Re-wires the brain’s neural pathways.
  • Re-establishes brain body communication.
  • Re-programs the past, present and future with no limits.

Brain Body Balance™

Results are More Than We Dreamed!

The techniques are unique and a bit quirky, yet they are harmless and so easy a child can do them. When asked do they work on everyone, the Harrison’s always respond, “No, only on those who do them.” You cannot do them and not get positive results. It’s like exercise for the brain. Do them and you change. The only exception and limitation is with severe personality disorders.

When your innate healing energy is set free, results are experienced with anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, post trauma stress, eating disorders, sexual abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, thyroid, adrenal, blood sugar, cancer, heart, eye sight, lungs, digestion, structure, pain, addictions, sports, prosperity, goals and more.

The Present

The greatest surprise was not one they consciously sought or thought possible. They were of the traditional belief that prayer and meditation works wonders and you need to do them often in this stressful world.

Brain Body Balance ™ students reported being amazingly, more pervasively peaceful even when a previously stressful situation occurred. They just had no memory of the old reactive pattern. They could not come un-glued.

They were now PRESENT, protected and connected to LOVE/God, joy, peace. The techniques had re-wired, re-trained their brain . . . redeeming their innate birthright to be at peace, be a prayer, be a mediation . . . instead of stop to pray and mediate. Why leave? The PRESENT is all that ever was, is and will be. Miss the PRESENT, your life moments, miss your life.?

They became acutely aware of any slight intrusion. A few seconds to do a technique would bring back the peace of the PRESENT. Then the mere thought of the technique restored the peace of the PRESENT. Soon they seldom left the PRESENT. Be Peace, be a prayer, be a meditation . . . instead of stop to pray and meditate!


Who’s Talking?

Check out our client’s own testimonies about the positive changes in their lives. In 7 hours on average in private sessions students target, delete and balance their past, present and future. It’s like deleting a virus and setting your life program free to heal, attract and create. Brain body imbalances and dis-ease heal. The root cause viruses do not return.

Occasionally you may choose to have a session to balance a stray root, a new virus, to learn a new technique, or to get the ‘icing on the cake’ fun things you gave up on including limited breath capacity, eye sight, hearing and more.

All your affirmations, techniques and tools will work better when communication and energy is flowing. Your conscious and subconscious talk, your left and right brain listen, and your past, present and future agree.

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