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Brain Gym International and Educational Kinesiology; Research with Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, athletes, memory and reading tests.

One Brain official website.

Emotional Stress Release and Eye Movement Therapy: Topping International Institute, Dr Wayne Topping’s Wellness Kinesiology Founder, ESR,

Touch For Health Dr. John Thie, founder.

Neuro-Linquistic Programming (Richard Bandler, founder) Robert B Dilts, NLP trainer’s site.

Energy Psychology (also called Thought Field Therapy) Dr. Fred P. Gallo; Techniques that shift energy at the quantum level.

Emotional Freedom Technique Gary Craig, founder (derived from Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy); research with emotional, mental and physical dis-ease.

Conscious Discipline developed by Becky Bailey, Ph.D., teaches parents to make a conscious choice to move from negative control to healthy structure and nurture.Techniques and responses are easy to learn. Kids change their attitudes and behaviors when parent’s change…that is your power!

Tellington Touch for animals, developed by Linda-Jones Tellington, is a method of circular movement touch with the intent of activating and recharging the cells to release tension and bring balance. The method is used by pet owners and trainers to alleviate negative behaviors and physical symptoms.

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