Brain Feng Shui

Neurolinguistic Programming

Developed by an information scientist, Richard Bandler, and linguistic professor, John Grinder, in the early 1970's. "Neurolinquistic" refers to the way the brain works and codes memories and experiences in consistent detectable patterns that can be constructive or destructive. "Programming" refers to how these patterns are recognized, understood, and acted upon by the brain. NLP contends that people think and act based on their internal representations of the situation itself. NLP self help techniques quickly change these internal representations allowing the subsequent actions to automatically change, freeing you to choose what works.

Touch for Health

Developed over 35 years ago by John Thie, D.D., and Bruce Dewe, M.D., offered simple yet powerful self help techniques to release stuck physical energy by balancing Chinese acupuncture meridians, muscles and organs through the use of release points, holding points, meridian and muscle massage. When the distorted emotions are identified while body is being balanced, the brain body energy blocks are freed to communicate and release physical imbalances and symptoms.

Emotional Stress Release

Developed in the 1970's by Dr. Wayne Topping. ESR provides a direct, non intrusive, physiobiological disruption of the stored pathological imprints focusing on the memory itself versus the person's habitual reaction to the memory.

Eye Movement Therapy

Specific eye movements are made to release the brain's blocked circuits while concentrating on the distorted emotion or belief. The brain body's negative reaction acquired at the time of the memory imprint is disturbed and diffused … restoring balance. Eye movements were taught by Dr Wayne Topping, developer of Emotional Stress Release in the 1980'sto us by are used in NLP, T for H, Energy Psychology, ESR and EFT therapy approaches and are now taught in major universities in the psychology field.

Kinesiology is a precise yet simple, biofeedback system from the bodies muscular response changes to stimuli. Unconscious distorted thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are the roots to sabotage can be delineated within seconds, eliminating the 'guesswork'. The precise intervention can be targeted quickly and accurately.

Adaptogenic Herbs help your body help itself. They balance the body's own self regulatory defense systems and detoxify, repair, rejuvenate, at the cellular level. Anti-aging of the cells means healthier functioning of every organ and body system. The athletes at the Atlanta Olympics discovered these secret Adaptogens developed to perfect Russian athlete's bodies for over 50 years.

Emotional Freedom Technique is Gary Craig's version of Dr. Roger Callahan's discovery in 1980. Dr Callahan's techniques are based on the acupuncture meridian system, eye movement desensitization, and sound. Simple, user friendly self help techniques release the body's blocked electrical energy to reestablish communication. The targeted trauma thoughts, feelings, and body symptoms unravel in defeat. These self help techniques have been seen on Oprah and Fear Factor to relieve fears.

One Brain – Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside joined forces in 1985 to create the One Brain System to eliminate emotional stress that limits success. They combined Kinesiology to identify the subconscious stressors that affects the body and mind. When the opposing positive and negative emotions are balanced with specific eye movements, the negative charge releases and the innate positive state is freed. One Brain is used with learning disabilities, Alzheimer's, athletes, emotional release, and more.

Brain Gym is a program of physical activities that develops the brain's neural pathways through natural movements, enhancing learning ability. Dr. Paul Dennison and his wife, Gail Dennison used their extensive research in the areas of education, brain function, psychology, and Kinesiology. These self help techniques are used in a variety of settings, including schools, corporations, and athletic training programs.

Energy Psychology, emerging over the past decade in the mental health field, focuses on shifting the electromagnetic energy in the brain and body. Energy Psychology is a specific model, drawn from Dr. Roger Callahan's energy system, by Dr. Fred Gallo. Specific energy points on the body are stimulated while your mind focuses on a problem or negative emotional state. Its implications reach far beyond traditional therapy, rapidly changing the practice of the more progressive psychotherapist.

Neuro Emotional Technique, NET, developed by Dr. Walker, chiropractor, who adapted Touch for Health principles and developed a self help technique to focus on blocked emotions (electrical energy) and bring them into balance. NET has research proving it's effectiveness.

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