Can Chakra Balancing Tapping Technique Clean Your Body and Brain Space?

Categories: Body Balance | Posted on Jan 18, 2013

Chakra Balance

The benefits when you clean your body and brain toxins with Chakra Balancing Tapping technique are greater than making affirmations and positive thinking alone.

It unblocks your innate healing energy flow.

Where your energy flows, your life goes.
It is your power to create and attract!

A New Year reminds us to move old things out to make room for the new. It’s time to clean the toxins and clutter that blocks your life flow.

It’s easier to clean the OUTSIDE spaces of your life since you can target the clutter and see the changes occur. But results are limited and it is a forever task. The toxins and clutter return. You be quiet healthy even if your OUTSIDE work and home space are in disarray.

Not so with your INSIDE space. You cannot get away with a toxic cluttered body and brain space. Yet few know how to clean their INSIDE space effectively. It’s usually a last resort choice. You wait until your body screams symptoms of being tired, brain fog, sleeplessness, headaches, stomach aches, joint aches, anxiety, depression and more. Gentle reminders at first. As time passes they get louder and even move to other body spaces.

Ninety percent of the negative energy from body disease are toxic beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are rooted in your unresolved, subconscious cellular memories. The healing energy flow is blocked, your conscious and subconscious do not listen, your brain and body do not talk, your past and your present do not agree.

Most do what affects the 10% conscious awareness. Take a pill, cut our junk food, down a herb or two to detox the kidney, liver and colon detox herbs. For good measure, you might add a few affirmations and try hard to think positive. That’s a start, but only 10% of body symptoms respond to your efforts.

How to clean your body and brain space INSIDE was not a priority in my family of origin. Instead, my early memories added to the toxic load.

Company is Coming!

When Mom shouted, “Company is coming,” you knew what was coming next. You were to cram, jam and hide the clutter to make the house perfect fast. It had to be done in time to perfectly groom youself before they arrived. Approval matters.

Each time I instantly shifted into high gear to stay on task. Giggling stopped, shoulder tensed, and you had to move quickly to avoid whacks to the head if you dare strayed.

My mind would race. I wondered just what would happen if we did not get the OUTSIDE space clean? Just what would happen if we were not perfectly groomed? Would we come apart, unglued and cease to exist?

That message was loud and lasting. OUTSIDE appearance matters! What people think matters! What you look like matters! These toxic belief, thoughts and feelings ran my life for decades.

Chakra Balancing Can Clean Your Body and Brain Space INSIDE

When you clean your body and brain space INSIDE, you reaps far greater benefits than cleaning your OUTSIDE desk, closet or house space.

Given the techniques, INSIDE cleaning at the deeper, subconscious root cause level is easy and brings lasting results. Change INSIDE moves OUTSIDE into the world and right back to you. You attract OUTSIDE (people, situations and things) that match your INSIDE energy state.

Energy Tapping targets and releases the cluttered memories that block your healing energy flow at the subconscious root cause level. Your efforts to make affirmations and think positive work far better.

Energy tapping is taught in universities and trainings are now accepted as continuing education credits. Energy tapping is a scientifically proven energy healing technique. It targets your toxic beliefs, thoughts and feelings at the deeper subconscious root cause, easier to change level.

Chakras are 7 core spinning energy systems that are located along your spine from the base to the crown. Each chakra has a unique sound, color, image, and foods to balance them. Chakras have related organs with beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Read more here: Chakra Balancing chart.

Chakra Tapping combines tapping acupuncture points that are related to the organs in each chakra. Chakra Balancing Tapping releases a healing spinning energy flow through your Body, Brain and Spirit INSIDE.
Since you cannot avoid collecting toxic, negative energy from people, situations and things you encounter daily, it’s great to have a chakra balancing technique to clean your body and brain INSIDE space daily. Letting go of what stops your healing energy flow is easy.

  • You get a great return on your efforts than from making affirmations and thinking positive.
  • You free your Body, Brain and Spirit at the roots so you easily create and attract.
  • You cannot do them without making change.
  • You don’t have to understand how they work to reap the benefits.
  • Chakra Balancing Tapping technique targets the unconscious roots.
  • Chakra Balancing Tapping is so easy a child can do them.
  • They are portable and can be used anywhere, anytime you are stressed.
  • They are fun to do and the results are lasting.
  • Chakra Balancing Tapping works on everything.
  • Decisions are made easily when your energy is flowing freely and your body and brain are toxic free . . . free to talk!
  • How Do You Spot When Your Chakras are Closed and Need Balancing?
  • Body symptoms of tired, foggy thinking, anxiety, depression, racing thought, aches, pain and body disease.
  • Confused and unable to make clear decisions quickly. If your affirmations and positive thinking just aren’t repeating the desired results . . . check this out!

Chakra Balancing Tapping technique provides you with specific how to tips and scripts to target what stops you. Toxic memories, beliefs, thoughts and feelings release, setting your innate healing energy flow free to attract and create INSIDE OUT!

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