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What are your greatest stressors? Let me guess. Top of the list are difficult relationships that ‘get a rise’ out of you. Certain people know your buttons, they . . . Gotcha!

What’s a person to do short of exiting the planet when they do not change and do it your way? Often, you are stuck with no apparent option.

Then there’s the karma thing. You get back what you send out, creating a loop. Now that’s a trap!

TRUTH is . . .

It is easy to be grateful, bless and enjoy people who are positive and bring joy to your life. It’s a brain stretch to do so with difficult relationships.

Brain Tweak

Your greatest stressors, difficult relationships, situations and things in your life have a special purpose. They build INSIDE muscles. If people can get a rise out of you, it means you have more to learn. They mirror your next lesson. Your learnings are gifts from the offender, gifts that interupt the negative karma loop, give you back your power, and set you free.

Just for today . . . pick a person, any person from your list of people who gotcha. Transfer your thoughts about them from INSIDE you to a DREAM SCREEN OUTSIDE, in front of you. Plaster a big ? over the image to remind you to BE CURIOUS.

Today, when they come to mind ask: What are they teaching me?  Learnings are gifts from the offender that break the negative karma loop to set you free.

The buttons they push teach you about your own holes of deprivation. Miss the lesson and it will replay in another area of your life. When you get the last learning, you pass the grade and take back your power.

Consider each thought of them as a gift in disguise . . . alerting you that you have more to learn to grow INSIDE.


  • They teach me what no to do, how not to be.
  • They teach me to let go . . . let people be . . . and chose for me.
  • They teach me to be curious instead of critical.
  • They teach me that different is . . .
  • They teach me that different is . . .
  • They teach me to be motivated and responsible to seek answers for my part.
  • They teach me to stretch INSIDE, bless those who ‘gotcha’ even if they never change.
  • They teach me to take back and keep my power INSIDE.
  • They teach me to change my negative thoughts quickly to a prayer of blessings for them and me.

(Place a rubber band on your wrist. Pop it when you find your thougths race negative. This interrupts the pattern.)

“You pay a great price for unsolicited racing thoughts, you pay with your life.” Elizabeth Harrison, Self Help Tech)

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