Post Trauma Stress Fear Memories Never Die?

Categories: Chakra Body Balance | Posted on Apr 22, 2012


Brain Body Balance: Self Help Techniques began a decade ago from our frustration with “talk therapy”. Something was missing. Talk therapy spent hours understanding the problem consciously, but lacked techniques to remove the unconscious roots of the problem. Often, repetitive treatments were required to address the same problem.

As psychotherapists, we stayed abreast of the latest training the field of traditional psychology had to offer. We believed and experienced positive change to be hard and sometimes impossible.

It is deemed that it takes about 1,000 repetitions of affirmations before the unconscious brain level begins to change. Repetitive affirmations, reading to find solutions and talking over your problems uses only 1-3% of the problem solving ability of your conscious brain. You can’t talk your way out of it because 97-99% on the unconscious brain level is not listening. The brain and body just aren’t talking and are not congruent, making it difficult to solve the problem.


“We are so constituted that we believe the most incredible things; once they are engraved upon the memory, woe to him who would endeavor to erase them.” – Goethe 1774

Unresolved trauma/fear memories can hold you hostage for a lifetime and replay uninvited. Old fear memories can like a virus infect your entire life. They play without your conscious approval and you have no remote control…no apparent choice. Each repetition makes your reactive habits stronger. For lack of change techniques, most people do what comes naturally, deny fears by distracting and sedating their stress with food, relationships, work, chocolate, shopping, TV or drugs. All temporary fixes at best!


Brain Body Balance: Self Help Technique’s key to change is to confuse and delete the trauma/fear memories deeply rooted in the unconscious. Given the techniques, the unconscious brain and body can find balance by releasing distorted beliefs, thoughts, and feelings in seconds. Your brain cannot retain the old habit that would have stayed for a lifetime. The old unconscious neural pathways are confused, the old destructive thinking habits unravel, reaping enormous health and mood benefits. Conscious choices that support your life can then be made without the expected struggle

POP WHAT STOPS YOU : Self Help Techniques literally pops the fear memory instantly, unraveling the associated feelings. When negative feelings are no longer exaggerated, they become like an inner guidance system to help you alert you to make better Present choices.

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