Sunflowers Love it, and You Will Too!

Categories: Body Balance | Posted on Feb 17, 2013

SUNFLOWERS say it all.

I’ve personally used it over the past 5 years. It makes common sense. Earthing is using the electrical earth energy for brain body balance.

Since most people seldom walk outside without shoes, you are robbed of this free, natural source of healing energy.

The Sunflowers at the top asre grounded for 7 days. The sunflowers at the bottom were not grounded.

My friend Adoley sent me this incredible video that I think is fascinating.

Click here to watch it now!

Earthing has amazing balancing affects with all kinds of disease like arthritis, thyroid and diabetes, pain and sleep.

Earthing comes from two sources. You can talk your shoes off and go barefooted or you can purchase earthing pads to protect you at your computer and while you sleep. I even travel with mine.

At the end of the sunflower video there is a 50% off offer.

Click here to watch it now!

You can learn more at Adoley’s FREE webinar called the Earthing Summit on February 21st Doctors and researchers will explain earthing, show more research results and allow you to ask questions.

Would you like to join me? It’s free.

You can register to save yoru seat right in the space under the video.

So head on over to check it out now

After you watch the video, please let me know what you think, okay?

Don’t forget to pay it forward and spread the Love!

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