Be in the CIRCLE – RoadMap to BrainBodyBalance

Categories: Chakra Body Balance | Posted on May 8, 2012

Road Map to BrainBodyBalance : Self Help Techniques

Goal and Results . . . Peace, Purpose, Prosperity . . . INSIDE OUT

BrainBodyBalance : Self Help Techniques only work on those who do them. It is impossible to do them and not change.  With a bit of practice, your brain is ‘trained’ and responds positively at the mere recall of a technique.  It’s like deleting the virus from your life program when you address the unconscious root cause, easier to change level.  Help yourself… for a change!

Don’t make affirmations!   Repetition makes deeper brain ruts and the  habit  becomes ‘hard wired’ when the conscious and unconscious do not agree.  BrainBodyBalance : Self Help Techniques address change at the unconscious root cause level.  It’s like pulling weeds at the roots so the conscious habit has no root source. The conscious and unconscious ‘talk’, harmonize and call a truce.  Negative pictures, thoughts, feelings unravel making it impossible to respond with the same intensity in the same situation.  Change can be fun, fast and lasting!

Five steps to BrainBodyBalance : Self Help Techniques

Minutes to LEARN, Seconds to USE… CHANGE that lasts a lifetime!

  • Choose an Open mindset… be curious, ask and listen.Start where you are… negative. No flying leaps.
  • Free up brain space,  Organize the clutter.Create a positive energy flow
  • Pop what stops you, Delete past stress picturesRelease the attached exaggerated feelings
  • Confuse, Diffuse past negative beliefs, thoughts and feeling habits
  • Reprogram your truth: BE IN THE CIRCLE  to . . .

Learn the Past Purpose
Dream Future Prosperity
Be Present Peace

The Goal and the Results . . .

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