Your Body Pays the Stress Toll

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Brat Body

Health consciousness has escalated to a billion dollar industry while the body stress toll plunges to new deficits. The rise in medical treatments due to stress related illness is unprecedented. Center for Disease Control verifies our findings: 90% bodydis-ease is stress related.

Heightened awareness can bring new stress pressures.  Pressured by time to de-stress and balance the body, yet feeling guilty or bad if you do not.  You spin, bounce, twist, stretch, while remembering to chant, deep breath while rushing to be on time for the massage appointment.

With your body in starvation mode existing on rice cakes and tofu, you search frantically for foods that meet the fad diet criteria: no fat, calories, carbs, protein….or flavor.  Much like settling for styro foam or cotton.

Just when you have a plan that seems to work,you succumb to the constant barrage of warnings that what you are eating is killing you. You scurry to detoxify from the arsenic, metal, lead, chemicals and hormones by drowning in high priced water from PBA contaminated plastic.

With little return on their efforts, some turn stress to trauma by cutting, tucking and sucking any body part that refuses to cooperate. This ongoing battle with the body distracts you from the true enemy.

Brat Brain

Your true enemy is closer than you think. It is what you think.  Thoughts create or destroy.  Negative thoughts are rooted and driven by your perceptions and beliefs.  Left unchecked,  your thoughts spread energy like a virus infecting your feelings and your body.

My body has wandered a good deal, but I have an uneasy suspicion that my mind has not wandered enough. – Noel Coward

Or is it the other way around?  Your mind wandered too much?  While your body sweats, your stress thoughts cancel your efforts.

Like a spoiled brat, your  thoughts left unattended flash back to the misery archives of the past and wallow in regrets, mistakes, injustices, resentments, grudges, criticism. When you tire of blaming the world at large, you default to your most vulnerable, victim part that you think can’t talk back…your own body.

If you listen closely you can hear the ‘whine’.  It’s a variation of deprivation. “I hate my body. I can’t stand aging.  Change is so hard.  Nothing ever works.  You don’t.  You won’t.  You should. God/you/I will never be enough. If only.  Yes, but.  Why?”

For a novel twist, your  thoughts jump to the future to strive to control what does not even exist and never will.   That’s stress to the max. You sink deeper into hopelessness, powerlessness, confusion, and overwhelm.

Results: Your body is stressed, exhausted and  depleted from your  thoughts running rampant.  Treadmill stress pales in comparison.


Your brain and body often do not talk or agree, further sabotaging your well intended efforts for positive change.  What affects one, affects the other.  They really are one in the same, but split off they refuse to co-operate and instead begin to dis-ease.

Racing thoughts that stress your body are rooted in your perceptions and beliefs, much like filters you view life through.  Distorted perceptions cause stress that in turn short circuits the hippocampus, resulting in memory not being coded in words or symbols.  Instead the memory is stored as somatic sensations, behavioral re-enactments, nightmares, flashbacks that can exaggerate with each replay.  The brain and body actually split, disassociate, fragment, and repress.  Even low levels of chronic stress cause the amygdale, the brain command center that responds to perceived fear, to prompt the autonomic nervous system to release excess cortisol hormone.  This flight or fight body response over time, raises blood pressure, weakens the immune system, tenses the muscles, shrinks the hippocampus affecting memory, and severs neuron connections in the brain and body.  Cortisol in excess feeds the fat cells.

When this standoff continues over time, the body responds with limited information in destructive reaction.  In an extreme case in the 1994 California earthquake, a woman in her mid thirties was jolted from bed. Frightened, she ran to protect her child. Her husband found her in the child’s room face down on the floor dead. Death caused by the stress of fear.

On a daily basis, perceived stress  rooted in fear  destroys the critical body resources, the circuits blow, disrupting communication and balance, and leaving dis-ease and death in the aftermath. The brain body refuses to cooperate. No wonder stress interventions, medical or natural have to be repeated and render less than optimal results.


Your body dis-ease, imbalances, and symptoms hold encrypted messages. Research tells us that 80% of the brain is in the organs of the body. That is why we often refer to them as brainbody. Your body organs have beliefs, thoughts, feelings and memory. The Chinese knew this for thousands of years and contributed the invaluable Acupuncture Meridian System to interpret body imbalances and developed treatments to re-establish the energy flow of healing through brain and body communication.


Your body is like a fit throwing kid who will stop the whine when you call a truce and stop to listen. To prepare for change, first, reset your mindset.


You know your body’s aches, pain and flaws all too well.  It’s time to get to know your body’s messages, both positive and negative.  They hold the secret to fast, easy, lasting brain body balance.

Begin change with an open mindset. First, accept your body now,  just the way it is with no conditions.  Let go of your expectations, criticisms and blame.  Second, be curious and willing to listen and learn your body’s lessons.  Dis- ease escalates until you hear the message.  Third, be grateful now, even before your body balances, heals or co-operates.  Be grateful it won’t let you off the hook until you listen, learn and seek answers.  Take a body check, there just might be a few great parts.


It’s easy to think your brain has beliefs, thoughts and feelings. It can be a brain stretch to consider that your body does too.  Below is a chart of basic, positive and negative beliefs and feelings for each organ.  If your organs could talk, here’s their basic  message if they are in balance.

  • Lungs: I am humble, tolerant, and modest. (false pride, prejudice, intolerance, disdain, scorn, contempt)
  • Liver: I am cheerful. (anger, unhappiness, complaining, frustrated)
  • Gall Bladder: I reach out with forgiveness and love. (rage, fury, wrath)
  • Spleen: I have faith and confidence in my future (anxiety about the future, obsessions, over-thinking)
  • Kidney: I am safe. I am sexually secure. (fear, paranoia, worry, sexual indecision)
  • Large Intestine: I am clean and good. I let go. (guilt, lack of initiative, holding on)
  • Pericardium and Sex Organs: I am generous and relaxed.
  • Heart: I have forgiveness in my heart. (anger, over achievement, self-doubt, insecure)
  • Stomach: I am content and tranquil. (disgust, greed, emptiness, deprivation, nausea, fear, disappointment, bitterness)
  • Endocrine System: I am light and buoyant. (overwhelmed)
  • Thyroid and Adrenals: (depression, despair, grief, hopelessness, loneliness)
  • Small Intestine: I am full of joy (sadness, sorrow, worry, obsession, compulsiveness)
  • Bladder: I am at peace. (restlessness, impatience, frustration, inadequacy, panic)
  • Central Vessel: I am at ease. (overwhelm, shame, failure)
  • Governing Vessel: I am worthy. (distrust, dishonest, unsupported, embarrassment)

Now that you are a bit familiar with your organ’s messages, your efforts for positive change with self help techniques can be far more focused and effective. For example, if you feel a certain emotion it helps to be aware  of the organ that pays the stress toll.   In exchange, your efforts to find balance will be rewarded with greater cooperation.  This is often part of the reason treatments have to be repeated and do not work.  The brain body are in disharmony, do not talk and you do not listen.

The now popular Emotional Freedom Technique addresses the brain and body. For this reason, EFT is an effective technique we have used for over 15 years personally and professionally. It re-establishes your brain body communication and balance by tapping specific acupuncture meridian points while focusing on the negative belief, thought or feeling.

However, we found on deeper rooted beliefs, thoughts and feelings that we could tap ourselves black and blue and still it would reoccur. The secret to EFT and all self help techniques is to target the unconscious root drivers so the results are faster and more lasting.  In our more advanced training, we teach exactly what drives you….and which roots are showing!

EFT is effective with almost everything.  It’s easy to learn. The good part is you can’t do it wrong. Your brain body will respond to your positive intention. EFT is a portable, powerful self help technique  for  disrupting negative habits and balancing the brain and body. It would be well worth taking a few minutes to listen to this video now to learn the basic EFT  technique  her: 

“Bring every thought into captivity.” Paraphrased Scripture

Your body pays the stress toll or reaps the dividends of your thinking choices. Each thought blights or blesses INSIDE you, moves OUTSIDE into the world and right back to you!

Get to know and balance your brain body for a change.

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